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Fernando Martinez Jr

Fernando Martinez Jr

Owners, Fernando Sr. and Fernando Jr. both faced seasonal allergies throughout their lives. As they investigated on how to help on their allergies, they found out that honey was the solution.

One day, Fernando Jr. had an idea that he and his dad should start beekeeping, so they could start having their own honey. As time went by, they conducted more research about beekeeping, buying books, and searching online. Fernando Sr. and Fernando Jr. later joined the Brazoria County Beekeeper Association, at the time the newly formed association had a youth program for those who interested.

The family encouraged Fernando Jr.’s passion of beekeeping, engaging in hands-on learning from other advanced county beekeepers. Nando’s Honey was started by Fernando Sr. and Fernando Jr. in 2012. As they produced more than they could consume, they started selling honey to family and friends. As the business grew, they started attending local markets to spread their honey to people who also suffer allergies. Nando’s Honey, “Bringing REAL HONEY closer to you!” A teaspoon a day is all one that needs, for a couple of months, with the time, you will see the difference.